Important News from

the Grapevine Theatre Project

City of Wine is huge. With over 100 characters in nine plays, and running almost 20 hours in total, staging it is a daunting prospect to say the least. But Kingston/Katarokwi gave it a try.

Emerging from the isolation of Covid, a few hundred of you in the local theatre community expressed a willingness to try to pull off this wildly ambitious enterprise and the Grapevine Theatre Project sprouted here.

The core premise of the GTP was that it had to grow to survive, attracting more people, more energy, until it became both sustainable and sustaining. Our intention was that, with each show, we would become more professional, pay more people more money, and produce better and better shows that our whole City could be proud of.

Unfortunately, for a complex matrix of reasons, and despite the enormous effort of a splendid core team of volunteers, that momentum has not materialized. We have decided therefore that, before we spend money that isn’t ours or sign and then break contracts with any of you, we must announce the cancellation of PENTHEUS and the end of the GTP as an organization. We hope and believe that the rich “grapevine” of personal and professional connections we have been a part of will continue to serve and nurture Theatre in this City which we all share and love, and we want to express our wholehearted gratitude for all the love, support, and encouragement we have received from you over the past few years.

It is an honour and a delight to be citizens of Kingston/Katarokwi: City of Theatre. We look forward to seeing you all on stage soon.

Ned Dickens, Volunteer Artistic Director
Carole Gibson, Volunteer General Manager
Margi McKay, Volunteer Board Chair