Past Shows

We are thankful to all our past staff, patrons and supporters!

SEVEN, City Park, August 2021:

SEVEN, 2021

“I was out for an evening stroll last summer when I came across Grapevine Theatre Project’s production of SEVEN, the seventh installment of the group’s ‘City of Wine’ play cycle. As I am a huge fan of outdoor theatre, I found a spot on the cool City Park grass and thought I would stay for a few scenes. Two hours later, I was among the audience members offering a standing ovation for the bright cast, who were a mix of professional and community-based actors. I later came to see two more performances of SEVEN, and even brought friends to experience the show as well. What I found so engaging about the performance was the depth of its storytelling. The narrative is set on the night before an impossible battle, when seven characters decide to spend it recounting the myths and fantastic histories of their people. What results is a theatrical extravaganza filled with rich stories, jaunty songs, and spirited dances. In shifting between the world of the play and the various worlds discussed by the performers, the audience is invited to engage on multiple levels. In addition to the storytelling, what kept me coming back was the feeling of community present at all SEVEN performances. In featuring cast members from all levels of experience, there was a clear sense of mentorship, which made for a more accessible performance and receptive audience (perhaps as a result of them knowing the actors, or for being on the company’s long list of past performers). For this feeling of community, witnessing their mentor-based approach, or simply enjoying a well-told story, I am grateful to have stumbled upon ‘City of Wine’.”

— Jeff, enthusiastic audience member